AXS Profile

AXS’s Basic Philosophy

AXS has cherished these words inherited from Takeo Satow, the founder of AXS:

“Originally, architecture is for all people. I don’t think we should highlight our strong personality as designers. We should rather serve as supporting actors modestly to set off the natural features of the region and the people who act on the stage.”

This attitude has not changed even now, and we have been incorporating this spirit into all our works. Instead of following the fashion pointlessly, we all share the attitude toward and passion for creating universal, valuable architecture and environment.

And the driving force for thoroughly understanding what our clients, citizens and society are seeking for and refining our designs has remained the same as what it was long ago.

It is the depth of discussion and communication that determines the quality of works. This process is the driving force for creating better architecture and environment, and we value it most highly even now.

Our Emblem / its shape and meaning

The act of planning is taken as the fusion (X) of Art and Science, and the significance symbolizing the image of AXS SATOW INC. is put into the emblem