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Message from the President

The design organizations are faced with diverse problems in relation to the conflicting social trends of ever-expanding global web society and shrinking population due to dwindling birthrate and aging and the social landscape that changes every day.

In order to meet the diversity, it is indispensable for the design organizations to grasp the complicated social trends, build up an excellent hypothesis based on the clients’ wishes, verify it in the real world, and materialize it. For that, we cannot depend simply on excellent individual abilities. In addition to them, the total power of the organizations is required.

We, AXS SATOW INC., concentrate all our individual and organizational might and grapple with the problems to demonstrate our maximum abilities sought from the design organizations. We develop our capacity to tackle various problems concerning architecture, cities and environment by forming appropriate teams in accordance with the themes.

Takeo Satow, the founder of AXS, has left with us these words: “Originally, architecture is for all people. I don’t think we should highlight our strong personality as designers. We should rather serve as supporting actors modestly to set off the natural features of the region and the people who act on the stage.” These words are significant for architects facing modern society now. It is the people themselves living and acting in the society who appear on the stage.

Based on this philosophy, we, AXS SATOW INC., derive themes or problems from the complex modern age and are in pursuit of “what is rich environment for human beings.” That is because it is where the architecture and cities that AXS SATOW INC. proposes exist.

President and the Chairman of the BoardMasaharu Hosoda