AXS Profile

Compliance and Risk Management

AXS SATOW pushes forward with compliance with laws, social norms and ethics and risk management as a unit, and aims to build a fairer and more transparent management system.

Code of Conduct

  1. We maintain fair business relationship with all our business connections and conduct business sincerely.
  2. We win our clients’ trust by drafting socially useful plans and contributing to making lives richer.
  3. We proactively contribute to conserving global environment and engaging in social and regional environment preservation activities.
  4. We have a high regard for national and regional culture and customs, and contribute to their development.
  5. We work out our “Security Policy” and boost the security of personal and business information, etc. by keeping everyone thoroughly informed.
  6. We respect the personality and character of each employee and realize an environment safe and easy to work in.
  7. We try to promote communication widely and socially, and publicly disclose our corporate information timely, properly and fairly.